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Social Responsibility,LED Projector,LCD Projector,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,video projector,Projectors-Luxcine

Social Responsibility,LED Projector,LCD Projector,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,video projector,Projectors-Luxcine

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LuxCine's Corperate Socail Responsibilities(CSR)
LuxCine believes in the importance of social responsibility in its business practices and the part it plays in the success of our business.
We hold the belief that to run the company on the basis that the only way to guarantee continued success is to exceed customer expectations, and to take social responsibility, ethically and economically.

The vision
Our products are sold in highly competitive markets. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors and foster long-term business relationships through high levels of customer service, product quality, innovation, reputation and by using our long experience in the markets within which we operate to go beyond our customers requirements.

The quality strategy
We use compliance with ISO 9000, the international reference for customer quality, as one measure of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing facilities have quality management systems in place, of which a significant number are ISO 9000 compliant.

Supplier Policy
We are quite aware of that the quality of our produciton is dependent on supply chain .We believe that the quality of our supplier relationships often has a direct bearing on the quality of our customer relationships.
One of our main aims, is to share the growth of the market with sustainable suppliers. ensure that we do what we can to ensure the materials and services we use are environmentally friendly and economically affordable.

Environmentally oriented
We concentrate on LED products in response to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) directive.
Our efforts are not limited to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment but also extend to manufacturing environmentally responsible products. The latest products are environmentally sound and energy-efficient.

Better Association
Consulting with our stakeholders provides us with a better insight into their needs and helps improve our performance in areas important to them.
To meet customers, suppliers, and trade associations regularly help us to secure and maximize a better communication, including CSR matters.

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