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Projector Care,LED Projector,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Projector lamp,Projectors-Luxcine

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Be sure to read the important safety instructions before proceeding.

Please read this manual carefully before using your projector and keep the manual handy for future reference. Your serial number is located on the rear of your projector. Record it here:

If you will not be using the projector for an extended period of time, turn the power off at the wall outlet. The power outlet should be installed as near to the equipment as possible, and should be easily accessible.


1. The projector is designed to operate on a power supply of 100-240V/180-240V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz.
2. Do not stare directly into the lens as eye damage may result.
3. Never expose the projector to rain or moisture. Keep away from sources of liquid such as drinks.
4. The projector should never be placed near or over a radiator or other heat device.
5. Handle the power cord carefully. A damaged cord can cause electric shock or fire.
6. Do not attempt to mount the projector on a ceiling yourself. The projector must be installed by a qualified technician in order to ensure proper operation and reduce the risk of injury. The ceiling must be strong enough to support the projector.
7. Installation must allow air flow on all sides.
8. When the projector is turned off, the cooling fan will continue to operate. During this cooling period, do not turn off the power or remove the plug from power outlet.
9. Turn off the projector and disconnect power cord if it is not to be used for an extended period of time.
10. Clean filters regularly to avoid blockage of air flow.
11. Do not make strong light directly on projection screen to avoid reducing the image quality.
12. Lamp life is greatly affected by usage, power supply and temperature.
13. When replacement parts are required, be sure to purchase them from the authorized dealer. Using third party parts will void warranty.

You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the projected image starts to deteriorate.

Cleaning the projector case
* Turn off the projector before cleaning.
* Clean the projector case by wiping it gently with soft cloth.
* If the projector is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth with water containing a small amount of mild detergent, and then firmly wring the cloth dry before using it to clean the projector case. After you have done this, wipe the projector again with a soft dry cloth.
Note: Do not use volatile substances such as wax, alcohol or thinner to clean the projector case. These can cause the case to warp and make the surface coating peel off.

Cleaning the lens
* Turn off the projector before cleaning.
* Use a commercially-available air blower, or lens cleaning paper to gently wipe the lens. Be careful not to scratch the lens.

Note: As the lens can be easily damaged, do not rub the lens with harsh materials or subject the lens to shocks.

Cleaning the air filter
The air filter keeps dust and dirty from getting inside the projector and should be cleaned after a period of time (more often in dusty conditions). If the filter is dirty or clogged, you projector may overheat.
* Turn off the projector, turn off the main power switch and unplug the projector before cleaning the filter.
* Only clean the outside of the filter cover with a vacuum cleaner.
* Do not attempt to operate the projector without the filter cover.
* If the air filter is difficult to clean or if it is broken, it should be replaced.

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