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LED Projector,ESP400,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Multimedia Projector,Projectors-Luxcine

LED Projector,ESP400,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Multimedia Projector,Projectors-Luxcine

Smart Cinema Projector
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World 1st Android4.0 OS HDMI DLP PROJECTOR with 3D-LINK Technology

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1. world first 3D Android4.0 LED DLP Projector;
3. WIFI and Ethernet for internet surf, HDMI,TF card slot and 3 USB for all digital sources;
4. 500 Ansi-lumens, Native 720P HD resolution (1280*800/WXGA), 2000:1 contrast ratio;
5. The ever versatile inputs in the history for all sources;
6. HiFi Audio system with 4 Speakers up to 16 Watts.
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Stunning Intelligent LED Projector!
Your New Luxcine!

Conventional Projectors have always been for office use, Commercial presentations, and rarely, for those top-end home theater users.
But None of these projectors can be called intelligent ones.
Now, a new kind of projector is coming. With powerful CPU inside and Windows CE/Android operation system inside, it can bring more useful functions from internet and all kinds of digital sources to your life.

This is why we conceive Intelligent Luxcine!
This is Luxcine!


"Slightly hesitant at first after looking at the price, but wow, worth it"
Emma, Manchester.

"This is my new toy! Sitting in at home with family could never be better now!"
Jason, Edinburgh.

"Affordable, extremely easy to setup and all accessories come with it"
Dave, Essex.

Key features

Key features for C7D 3D-LINK DLP Projector

Being Android4.0 Smart, Being DLP-LINK 3D

Being China brightest 720P HD LED projector, another benchmark by Luxcine, CINE C7D is outperforming by its features, and making itself a brand new home entertainment center.

Fastest and most smooth Android experience with its strong hardwares, wonderful 3D experience with its DLP-LINK technology. Moreover, this intellectual mini device can play all 3D sources such as USB, hard disk, Blu-ray DVD, not like some other so-called 3D products which can only play PC 3D movie with some difficult settings on PC.

Even now 3D movies are not so popular, people are always seeking for a more wonderful experience. With DLP 3D-LINK technology, C7D can play 3D movie from USB, 3D game from Blu-Ray game consoles.

The Most Smooth Android with Perfect Projection Style Optimization

The CINE C7D has a strong hardwares, featuring the dual core 1.6G CPU which ensures a smooth Android running and quad core MALI400 GPU,which is so necessary for 3D projection. With its latest 2D-3D technology, the C7D plays an un-preceding role in 3D SMART projector industry.

The C7D optimize the android 4.0 for projection use. Luxcine adopts the auto-keystone correction function, and to optimizes the video functions.

Moreover, the hardware video decoding function, makes the conventional HDMI, video, as perfect as high-end brands projectors. Along with the 4 speakers HiFi audio system, C7D is qualified as a high end cinema center.

The ever versatile inputs

With DLP 3D-LINK technology, 3DC7 can play 3D movie from USB, 3D game from Blu-Ray game consoles, and other 3D players.

Built in media player supports 1080P MKV movie,TV Watching, see the film,can play all this : PS3,Wii, Xbox, PSP Blu-ray DVD, DVD player,Online video, Digital Camera,Digital videos, USB, TF Card, Hard Disk,Business Presentation, Commercial Presentation,Internet surf,PPT, WORD, EXCEL presentation,Bluetooth amplifier speakers,just enjoy what you want.

The 3USB, ethernet, Wifi, HDMI, and TF card, VGA, video inputs, make it a wonderful home cinema center.

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