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LED Projector,ESP200,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Projector Lamp-Luxcine

LED Projector,ESP200,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Projector Lamp-Luxcine

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Your First Home Cinema LED Projector ESP200

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Native SVGA, HD Ready
LED Optical Engine, Dust-Proof
5 Glasses Lens with 80% Offset
Super Brightness Outperforms
HDMI, USB, SD, Digital TV (Optional)
ESP200iM/ESP200iH Available
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Stunning LED Home Cinema Projector!
Your Luxcine ESP200!

Conventional Projectors have always been for office use, Commercial presentations, and rarely, for those top-end home theater users.
None of these have been designed for your daily digital life.
Now, a new kind of projector is coming,with powerful media functions and revolutionary LED technology, to bring light into your digital world

This is why we concieve Luxcine!
This is Luxcine!


"Slightly hesitant at first after looking at the price, but wow, worth it"
Emma, Manchester.

"This is my new toy! Sitting in at home with family could never be better now!"
Jason, Edinburgh.

"Affordable, extremely easy to setup and all accessories come with it"
Dave, Essex.

Key features

Key features for ESP200

Your best choice for your first Home Cinema

Bigger, and the Best

A beautiful mix of European design and Eastern aesthetic, the latest Luxcine LED projector is a substantial machine, without being bulky or cumbersome.
The connections and speakers are visually minimized. What you see is the hub of your home cinema, not a sprawling mass of cables and open ports.
The case has been painstakingly produced with a piano like mirror-finish. With anti-finger-mark technology, the unit will retain its pristine look for longer.
Your decor, your mood, your life. Luxcine projectors come in a wide choice of colours, to match your style..

The ever best Lens for entry level Home cinema projector

The latest Luxine projectors use the highest quality produced projector lens in China.
Its 5 part, all-glass lens array , outperforms the more commonly found “3 parts lens ”.
80% lens offset, Allows for easier positioning of projectors, and a minimum of set-up and image distortion
High resolution, and lens uniformity help to produce a super super sharp image. -----Even text documents remain crisp and readable.
With it’s smooth mechnical design, the lens can be easily positioned. It’s wide caliber sets it apart from it’s competitors

Engine drives

Nothing is 100% dustproof
Withe the help of the Patented “Anti -dust” design and “Zero dust” Channel, we can flick from “anti-dust” to “Emit dust”, to purge the machine, No need for a clogging filter any more!
Patented optical engine. Provides the core for this technology.

More functions, enjoy big soon as you want

It is much easier to make a complete home entertainment centre with our ESP200iM/ESP200iH now!
To connect game console, or other media sources such as SD-CARD, USB memory devices,
Or, to plug the cable TV connectoer, and play!
With the tons of inputs and outputs, everything is possible!

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