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LED Projector,ESP100I,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Multimedia Projector-Luxcine

LED Projector,ESP100I,Home Projector,Home Theater Projector,LCD Projectors,Multimedia Projector-Luxcine

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C7 1080P World 1st Android4.0 OS DLP PROJECTOR
with FULL AIRPLAY/DLNA function

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1. World 1st Android4.0 DLP PROJECTOR;
2. WIFI and Ethernet for internet surf, bluetooth,2HDMI,TF card slot,3 USB for all digital sources;
3. DLNA/AIRPLAY functions for wireless connection with iPhone, iPad, smart phone, tablet;
4. Super hardwares, Native 1280*800,2000:1 contrast ratio ,500 ANSI-Lumens ,DUAL CORE A9 CPU, DUAL MALI 400 GPU;
5. The ever versatile inputs in the history for all sources;
6. HiFi Audio system with 4 Speakers up to 16 Watts.
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Stunning LED Projector!
Your Daily Displayer!

Conventional Projectors have always been for office use, Commercial presentations, and rarely, for those top-end home theater users.
None of these have been designed for your daily digital life.
Now, a new kind of projector is coming,with powerful media functions and revolutionary LED technology, to bring light into your digital world

This is why we concieve Luxcine!
This is Luxcine!


"Slightly hesitant at first after looking at the price, but wow, worth it"
Emma, Manchester.

"This is my new toy! Sitting in at home with family could never be better now!"
Jason, Edinburgh.

"Affordable, extremely easy to setup and all accessories come with it"
Dave, Essex.

Key features

Key features for C7 ANDROID LED DLP Projector

Latest LED+DLP technology with optimized android 4.0

China first real 720P HD LED projector, benchmark for domestic LED projector industry,with the built in ANDROID 4.0, make itself a new home entertainment center.

CINE C7 has all the conventional inputs,Ethernet RJ45 and 2 HDMI ports make traditional duties more easy to carry out, and its 4 speakers system can offer you a great sound experience.

Super hardwares and ever versatile inputs in the projector history

The HD resolution (1280*800/WXGA), 120% NTSC color-reproduction capacity, and 2000:1 contrast ratio are the most critical standards for a high-end home cinema/home theater.

DUAL CORE A9 CPU, MALI 400 GPU enables a smooth internet surf experience.Hardware video decoding function, makes the conventional HDMI, video, as perfect as high-end brands projectors.

Along with its 3 USB ports, Wi-Fi, 2HDMI, video, TF card slot, CINE C7 does outperform by its crystal sharp images in the whole projector industry!So, no matter what function you may expect C7 to show, C7 will never let you down! Then you can play TV, PS3 game consoles and DVD players, or even all kinds of digital videos in your hard-disks.

Optimized media player supports 1080P movies, subtitles, audio tracks and etc.
With Luxcine’s talent jobs, C7 can also support Bluetooth dongle for audio.

World first wireless connection projector with FULL AIRPLAY/DLNA function

Luxcine is leading the wireless connection technology since year 2012. To wireless connect the iphone, ipad, smart phone, tablets, Luxcine released the world first UCONSOLE APK, which enables iPhone, iPad, tablet to control projector, and to play all the android games with the finger touch on the screen and the G-sensor/ Gyroscope sensor in the intellectual devices.

Some basic players also boasts of the airplay/DLNA functions, but they can only transfer moives or videos between these two devices. Luxcine,with the latest LUXMIRA/UCONSOLE technology, can make people to maximize his game experience with NO-DELAY actions between projector and intellectual devices.
Till now, May 2013, no other similar APK is available.

More than cost-effective, Ultra-long lamp life

Conventional projector bulbs offer you just 1500---2500 hours of lamp life; HID lamp for single LCD projector, 6000 hours' life;
LED lamp, offer you a semi-permernent life, 20,000 hours' life; (See more)
You will never again feel the dread as an onscreen message warns you to change your lamp, or feel the need to count the minutes as you watch TV or for play your favorite video game.

Environment Friendly

The use of the Ultra bright LED light source, compared to the conventional Halogen lamps used by other projectors, not only reduces the amount of waste in replacing burnt out bulbs, but actually means the projector uses up to 75% less energy, making it not only environmentally sound, but cheaper to run.

Convinient, On&Use, Off&Go

You will never again waste precious fragging time waiting for the lamp to warm up after turning on the projector. The Luxcine will be ready to go before your X360 has even booted. And when the match is over and you are declared the victor? You can just turn off and head out, without having to go through that irritating Cooling period before you can cut the power.

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