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Profiles,LED Projector,LCD Projector,Home Projector,Home Cinema Projector,Video Projector,Projectors-Luxcine

Profiles,LED Projector,LCD Projector,Home Projector,Home Cinema Projector,Video Projector,Projectors-Luxcine

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LuxCine, To Enjoy as You Want!

L uxcine, is set up to serve customer, to concentrate on future technology and to bring down the cost for people to enjoy the futuer tech.

What the company is and what we are? The company, is a company who think more about buyers interest more than her own profit, thinks more about the future tech rather than furthing the life span of the traditional product, thinks more about the quality rather than lowering the production cost. We are going to be the leader in image amusement field!

As an excellent selling company, we keep an close relationship with customers, keep on studying the trend in the consumer electronics. We did attend a lot of exhibitions, not only to find more clients, but also to study the industry, to keep us updated with the wonderful world.

As an excellent manufacture, we keep a strict decipline on quality control. To source from the top quality control supplier at an acceptable price, to lower the cost by optimizing the design and increasing the production efficiency, are the basic manufacturing principle. All these efforts,more than the enlargement of the factory erea and fully equipped assemle-line, are made by our endless passion for higher quality.

As an excellent R&D player, we set our R&D office in Shenzhen, the world-class center of sourcing and manufacturing of electronics products. On the other hand, we keep an close touch with world leading player in all the key fields, and LCD suppliers from Japan and Taiwan. Their sustained support to us keeps us forward with the pace of the world innovation. Furthermore, we are staffed with a high creative crew of specialists and technicians.

To conclude, We do not make "Me Too" products, and we choose to be leading in the field of home entertainment!

We are the only company to take this technology to an entry level audience.

We promise to continue our tradition of innovation and excellence!
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