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Congratulations! The 5K LED projector order!

To enjoy what you want!

Yes! LUXCINE is helping more and more people enjoy the way as they want!

A few days ago, the customer from Russia placed a ever biggest order of 5K LED DLP projector to us Luxcine.

Getting back from Canton fair with passion still in the heart, the sales manager Jin keeps an close contact with the new customers. This customers has investigated into all the projector factories and learned a lot about these products. In the negotiation meeting, he even listed the BOM of such kind products.

After visited our R&D team and assembling line, he made up his decision------to cooperate with Luxcine. "this is not the end of projector busienss, it is the new start of this industry. We will work together to witness this great event-------the new HD projector based on DLP and LED will become an necessary home appliance in our country."

Congratulations, for the hard jobs that Luxcine has done for the industry since year 2008. Congratulations too, for all the efforts that we Luxcien guys made in the promotions and marketings jobs.

By the way, Luxcine Cine C7 is the actress in the spotlight.


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