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The latest 720P LCD+LED projector is coming!

Making a High Definition 720P, was a dream for us
The 720p Single LCD panel is not an easy feat. The more complicated optical engine, and the High spec video processing circuits were an engineering nightmare!

Now, The Luxcine 720P LCD projector is available to all, with her outstanding specifications: WXGA LCD panel, 50Watts LED lamp, and qualified video processing motherboard, utilizing the famous PixelWorks chipset, with digital keystone correction.

In addition, the new High definition LCD panel is physically bigger than our previous SVGA panels, feeding a larger lens to create a crystal clear images not possible with smaller optics

With the PixelWorks high-end chipset, and digital keystone correction, this new LCD projector is a great improvement on previous models. The variable focus and blurring found in traditional keystone corrections, (turning the Fresnel lens). Is eradicated, keeping the image pixel perfect right into every corner

Innovation like these would be enough to attract anyone looking for a great home projector, but when you know that this new machine is building on Luxcene’s tradition of great build quality and high-end materials, The new ESP300HD LCD projector really is a dream come true!


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