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Luxcine Announced the world first Trans-media projector

To surf the internet, to deal with computer education, to watch TV, to play game console, to access the amplifier wireless... are the key values that all the people would like to have on their own home cinema projectors.

Last month, Luxcine announced the world first trans-media projector. This projector features the latest CPU that is adopted by Apple IPAD and future operation system.
In the new product announcement fair, Jin showed the fantanstic funcitons. The demo projector is supplied with only one power cord. Jin put one small USB sticker into the projector, and turn on the projector with remote control.

What was shown on the screen is a familiar windows desktop! My computer, recycle bin and other familiar icons really puzzled all the guests. That is totally different from traditonal projectors which has nothing on if there is nothing input. Jin showed the windows office use, and played around 10 videos of all formats. Later he accessed the internet by wifi and opened google and some news website. It is amazing that all these jobs are opertated by the wireless mouse and the keyboard.

According to our study, this model is the world first high brightness LED projector with embedded windows system and Android system.

Jin also announced that the Android version will be ready soon.
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