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Video&Game Console Industry Keep On Growing

New from CES, LAS VEGAS: Video game industry has seen high scores with solid sales and strong growth. ¡°The family that plays together, stays together.¡± This trend will likely continue in 2010. Thus, entertainment products for home use play an important role among people lives. Games, movies still will be a big market.

Gaming is still cheap entertainment. A $60 game is a better value, say, than spending $10 for a two hour movie. ¡°Gaming is one of several sectors in consumer electronics that have remained strong despite the recession.¡± Said Karen Chupka, CEA conferences and events senior VP. ¡°Anything keeping families together at home is doing strong. Video games are still a very strong category, and this is because once you buy the hardware you can always buy new titles to extend the experience. There are always new ways to enhance and change it for a very reasonable amount of money.¡±
The following charts can show you how large the market is.

Another factor driving the video game category is convergence with other technologies, as today Sony¡¯s PlayStation3 and Microsoft¡¯s Xbox 360 are much more than mere gaming machines, with the help of video projectors or even with the flat TV, it isn¡¯t just a kid¡¯s toy anymore, it is everywhere for all the family members.

Compared with Big 3, Luxcine still has a long way to go.  During CES, Luxcine has attracted many eyesights. As one of the visitors said: with Luxcine, you do not need to spend money on cinema tickets, you can just enjoy the wonderful moment that a movie brings you at home. You can also enjoy a very big, big screen when playing games. Obviously, a flat TV can not give you such kind of enjoyment. This is what Luxcine projector can give you.
Try one, and try to keep up with the trend.


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