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3D, Another Dream in Paradise

It is my great regret to miss the 2010 CES which I have been dreaming for so long time . But my colleagues attended the show with our latest LED projector and conclude good relationship with some potential customers.
When they are back to company, they gave us another show of those stunning events. From all the CES daily, and TWICE... We found that 3D related products are the most gleaming and charming spot as I have known .To release my sorrow from absence of show, I went to see the 3D movie ¡°Avatar¡± last night. And when I came back , it became the biggest regret that I have come to the theater for I fell in an intolerable ¡°3D headache ¡± .
Maybe 3D is just another dream in paradise .

3D technology, as it behaved in the CES, really appears to be so lovely, amazing and attractive. And the second annual 3D study ,which was conducted by Quixel Research ,surveyed 1,000 HDTV owners online to quantify as well as qualify their opinion on 3D technology. And the study shows that consumers are very familiar with recent 3D technology, and those who have seen a 3D movie in the 12 months are interested in owning a 3D TV .And there are really various 3D products around us such as 3D TV, 3D PC games, 3D Blue-Ray movies,3D Blu-Ray desks ,3D Blu-Ray adapter, and 3D live action content, which looks as a fashion technology trend . It looks as if 3D is perfect, all people love it. But what about the other side of the coin ? Is it really a mature technology?

First of all, my ¡°3D headache¡± is such an agony that it threaten me away from the 3D movies. The reason for the headache is well known , in traditional 2D cinema, the out of focus areas of a scene often have interesting details and information in them that we've been conditioned to look at¡ªthe spooky shadow in the background, the action occurring behind the hero, and so on. When elements of the picture appear 3D to us, however, our brain gets confused when we try to look at the background details and the background fails to come into focus. How can I know other 3D products will not have the same effect on me? The 3D movies could date back to 1960s, and soon it disappear as a morning glory. Then it came back at 1990s, also vanished in silence. Several years ago, online 3D technology was expected to change the face of the web. Industry observers said the technology would transform the web from a static two-dimensional world into a dynamic, interactive 3D-world ideal for commercial applications. However, the technology never found a killer app, never caught on with many users, and thus never became commercially successful, outside of video games. "The industry has not yet defined a real need for 3D," said Jeremy Schwartz, a senior analyst for Forrester Research, a market analysis firm. Today, it is here again , gorgeous, sleek, influential and popular. Still not a mature technology yet . Or else, we do not need to sit straight in front of a screen, daring not to move by leaps and bounds to avoid a headache or missing of 3D visual impact.

Maybe I will be addicted in 3D products 5 years later, no need to take 3D glassed on and off as a idiot even if my kids disturbed in for 100 times during a movie . But it is not today.


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