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Hello, CES; Hello, World!

The 2010 International CES is coming withmore than 2,500 exhibitors and an expected 110,000 attendees from 140 countries. 330 new exhibitors are using CES as the launchpad for their new technology . Among these new roles of the world, there is Luxcine. The most professional and innovative LED projector manufacturer from China.

To produce something is easy, to produce something that worthy of worldwide respect, is a tough work. Luxcine, with its brilliant products based on LED technologies, is trying to get its position in this industry. To attend the CES2010, is more of a attitude to be innovative in this industry than of  new production annunciation.

When in the fair, we will reveal our roadmap in year 2010 to those core partners from Europe and American. As Luxcine has not any market share in US, we will also hold some special meeting with potential partners..

If you are there in this most important event, please come to our booth, 20752, LVCC, South 1.


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