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The Luxcine is announced to be the best!

A few days ago, one company announced Luxcine LED projector is the only one they will choose for their mass business use. One month ago, this company collected almost all the sample projectors which can be found in Chinese domestic market. Along with Luxcine, many salesmen from different suppliers gathered in Shaanxi, hoping to bid for this significant project.

As the company is serious on this project, the test was carried by a more fair and strict method. Just after a few days later, some HID lamp projectors were excluded due to those obvious problems( noise, dust and power supply problems). In the coming few days, all the HID lamp projectors was thrown away. Only few LED projectors were kept for further test.

More severe tests were carried on then. The 24 hours working in 35 degrees keeps all other LED competitors out. Then the manager in charge called Luxcine to say congratulations. Luxcine engineers asked that user to keep on testing all the LED projectors in a 25 degrees centigrade environment and see what will happen. Another few days passed by and our technician get a sudden call------he was informed that all other LED projectors' brightness drops, and one model even had only 60% brightness left......

It is no surprise that Luxcine is the only one who can meet this company's standard for mass business use in a more severe environment.


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