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Why we can assure you of semi-permanent life span?

Till now, few projector companies can offer you 2 years' standard warranty
More often the fact is , when it comes to projector lamp warranties, most manufacturers fall short-----offering you just only 2,000 hours or 3 months warranty.

As one of leading LED projector manufacturer. We believe users should enjoy stress-free watching for a lot longer. that is why we introduce the Luxcine manufacturer's Warranty.At 2 years /20,000 hours, it's maybe the most extensive warranty in the world to come standard over an entire range of projectors.

The following question is that: How does Luxcine can do this?

We only choose top quality LED lamps.  Cree, as one of the leading LED company in the world, is offering us XR-E cool white lamps for our specially designed engine. As officially shown in their datasheet, CREE says, "Based on internal long-term reliability testing and standardized forecasting methods, Cree projects XLamp LEDs to maintain an average of 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours, provided the LED junction temperature is main-tained at or below 80C."  Luxcine states that the ESP serial LED projector based on CREE XRE lamps has a life span of more than 20,000 hours.
Only with the help of an excellent cooling system, the lamps can have an ultra long life. In the above statements by CREE, 80 degrees is an crucial factor. Luxcine ESP projectors have adopted 4 key patents to develop such a latest product, among which there is a patent: Patented heat-pipe cooling system. This can keep the temperature of the the optical engine lower than 60 degrees.
We never use those untested products by those uncertain suppliers. Now, there are many kinds of LED lamp arrays in China. These LED lamp suppliers were set up a few thousands hours ago, and having never made any serious test on the lamp's life, but they can say their LED lamp array has a long life span of more than 100,000 hours. To be honest business partner and think more about users' interests, is our business principle.

To be excellence, is our promise!


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