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The No1 LED Engine of High Efficiency

After 6 month use by customers and technical test, Luxcine published the first China-made LED engine in June,R&D office in Shenzhen. This engine is named of "Proled".

According to the strict test, the Proled has the highest efficiency in LED technology. More than 95% of the lights given off by the LED can be collected and fully used by the LCD panel, and of which 95% can be thrown out by the lens. Hence 85% efficiency of the total projector. Now, Luxcine can say, this is the No1 LED projection Engine in China, and also leading the industry in the world.

Due to the collimator, specially designed by our optical professor Michael H, 95% lights from the LED can be collected, only few lights from base of LED packing will escape. These lights can not be projected on the LCD panel, because it still looks like spot-lights, and can not give us an uniform view.

The back on back designed flyeyes lens unit, is to offer a high unifomity. According to our study, the Luxcine designed flyeyes lens is one of the best one in the world. No other company can make such a precision flyeyes lens.

As to the engine, one of the most important function it should have is to be kept from outside dust. As we all know, traditonal HID lamp projector is very easily be dirted by the dust. Because these projector need a high speed fan to outlet the heat inside, on the other hand, the infrared ray is too much due to the HID lamp and the LCD panel has to be cooled down or it will be burned in one hundred hours. This will also bring a lot dust on the screen.
Our lastest patent is to enclose the engine totally, keeping inner parts clean all the time.

Luxcine ProLED Engine, The First Professional LED Projection Engine!


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