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LED, A Brighter Way To Future

Why not choose HID lamp projector?

HID lamp projector was invented in year 2002. Due to the cheap cost and long life span, HID lamp projector become popular.

On the other hand, HID lamp has a lot of disadvantages. More and more people and users found it is unbearable to use this kind of projector.

1. The noise is too loud. No matter what brand, what supplier, what manufacturer, if there is HID lamp, there is loud noise. Why? The HID lamp will consume 150 watts, (most of the China manufacturers overpower it to be 180 or more), 60% of the power is changed into heat, which need to outlet by the fans. Hence the loud noise.

As to the noise, some supplier says, it is 38dB, some says it is 28 dB. What does 28dB means? The desk computer can give off a louder noise than 28 dB. But all the HID lamp projector works like a running motor in your room!

2. The dust gathered on the LCD panel. Many users find the image become misty after one or two month use. They have to ask for professional LCD panel clean work from qualified agents. But this will repeat every 2 month and no doubt will cost a lot The following picture shows us how dirty the LCD panel maybe.

3. For better enjoyment, the image uniformity should be more than 60%. Normally speaking, if the uniformity is lower than 30%, the image is not suitable for basic watch. Traditional HID projector with traditional optical design can only offer you a image uniformity of no more than 40% while 3LCD projector and DLP projector can always has a higher uniformity of 80%. Luxcine adopted 4 key patents in this projector, the uniformity is more than 85%.

4. Everybody who has the experience of using HID lamp projector, knows HID projector needs 5 minutes to cool down after being shut down. Now, LED projector can always give us a swift switch on/off. Surely, now there are many projectors can offer such a function with the help of built-in battery.


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