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About the native resolution and rescaled resolution
What does it mean when the lamp has a long life span?
What brightness it is?
About Music2FM
More fun with PMP function.
About the noise
About the built-in speaker
About the bulb life span
About the film format
About HD commpatible
About the SD card reader, USB slot and PMP function
About the TV tuner
About digital zoom function
About the Break function
About the DVD unit standard and DVD unit option
Abouth the warranty on LED lamp

About the native resolution and resolution rescaling
There is always a hypothesis that "the higher the resolution is, the better the projection image is".

The fact is, the projection image is not only dependent on the native resolution, but also dependent on the video sources. Nowadays DVD films is physically recorded by 480P format, say 720*480.

Let us take traditonal 480p TV programme as example. As the sources is just 480P, the image, no matter how much work the projector does due to higher native resolution, the double-line tech do no help to improve the quality of the image.

According to the study, people can only clearly recognize 7 to 9 characters in an instant way. While watching movie, you may lose or ignore 45% or more information when you move your eyesight to the caption; or ignore the environment when seeing the highlighted facial expression. When watching action movie, you may only focus on the exploding car, or the brandishing fist, while ignoring all the other scenes.

One key issue is that: UPSCALEí┘UPGRADE

The standard DVD is not a high resolution format, the capability of the a growing number of DVD players to output a video signal in the 720p or 1080i format allows the DVD player's video output to more closely match the capabilities of today's HDTVs which has a higher native resolution. But it do no help to improve the quality or the details of the image.

For most of the cases, our projectors can meet all the needs by projecting the good quality image.

The resolution of wii games 854*480.
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What does it mean when the lamp has a long life span?

Conventional projector bulbs offer you just 1500---2500 hours of lamp life;
(That is enough to watch complete length of "Friends" about 12 times.)

HID lamp for single LCD projector,6000 hours' life;
(That is enough time to watch the complete series of "Friends",The complete work of Alfred Hitchcock,all 6 Star Wars Movies,And complete Halo 1,2 and 3, all about 12 times)

LED lamp, offer you a semi-permernent life, 20,000 hours' life;
(That is enough time to watch the complete series of "Friends",
The complete work of Alfred Hitchcock,all 6 Star Wars Movies,
complete Halo 1,2 and 3,about 12 times,complete every game ever released on the Xbox, rewatch every recorded football game England has ever won,and... well basically do anything you' d ever want to)

You will never again feel the dread as an onscreen message warns you to change your lamp, or feel the need to count the minutes as you watch TV or for play your favorite video game.

Indulge yourself for as long as you want!
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What brightness it is?
A test conducted by projectorcentral.com comparing three projectors with lumen of 921, 503, and 392 stated that: "in dark viewing spaces these projectors still produce sufficient light to successfully illuminate a large screen"
More studies tell us,in a dark places like bars, or at home with curtain put on, the environment is enough for you to enjoy DVD films or something like that. Moreover, in a well prepared environment for home theater, you eyesight will be hurt if the brightness is more than 1300 lumens.

Our entry-level projector, no matther which model it is, can offer you suitable brightness with perfect contrast ratio and matching pixels with DVD films. This is one of the best choice of wisdom. People always make a balance between price and function, and it is ture when people are quite sure about where and how to use this product. When you need to set up your own home theater, you should first make sure waht is your real need and what kind of product meets the need.
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About Music2FM
About this function
The audio of the sources is tuned into FM signals. The frequency of the FM signals is 88.75MHz. Within a distance of 15 Meters, this signals can be received through all kinds of FM radios, such as amplifiers with FM receivers, mobile phones with FM radio function, and so on.
The wireless FM radio headset is available for purchasing at the authorized agents.

This function, is specially adopted for better enjoyment. Though it is not a latest technology, but we first adopted this into Home Theater Projectors.
With this function, you can easily enjoy the wonderful TV games or watching TV without disturbing the people around you. Moreover, sitting in an environment without other surounding noise, makes you feel the True Home Theater.
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The projector with PMP function brings more fun to us.
When I was a boy, my father would often set up a pop-up screen, light up the Kodak carousel slide projector, and put on a show of 35mm slides that he'd taken of our family vacations. There was always something riveting and a bit magical in seeing warmly remembered people and places come alive on the big screen in living color. For millions of families back then, the homemade slide show was the only "big screen" experience that existed in the home. People used to load their cameras with Kodachrome anticipating that the photos they took would be shown and experienced as large, brilliant, projected images in a family or communal setting. And it was a great way for families to remember and re-live special times.

Somewhere along the line, the digital revolution changed the expectations of how photographs could or should be experienced. Instead of being projected, people began to expect photographs to be viewed on computer screens and cellphone displays. The communal big screen experience of a projected image got lost. Many people still have not realized that today's high resolution digital projectors can deliver the same family experiences as the Kodak slide projectors of the past. No surprise, I guess, because while projector makers promote their products for home theater, business presentation, and classroom use, they rarely mention photography as a unique application of its own. But the truth is, showing photographs to the family, or the camera club or other group setting is one of the best applications for today's digital projectors.
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Because there are always some fans working in the projector, the noise is unavoidable.
The LED projector is one of the quietest projectors in the world.

The Luxcine adopts the latest technology to lower the noise. The LED based light engine gives off the least heat compared with those traditional( conventional) ones, so smaller and quieter fans are possible. Specially designed air flow route increases the effeciency of fans.
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Along with the DVD player, there are 2 built in high quality speaker, which are 2*2 watts
These 2 speakers can be controlled repectively by remote controller.

Bulb life Span

The life span of this projectou based on LED technology, is 20,000 hours, and 30,000 in economic mode.

The HID lamp, used in traditional entry level projector, has 6,000 hours life.

The traditional projector, based on traditional technology, has a 2,000 hours lamp life.

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The Luxcine support all videos recorded in PAL/NTSC/SECAM format. It also support digital video programmes including WMV9,AVI,ASF,DAT,MPG ad etc, as described below:
MPEG1 (<720*480; 30 frame/S; 4Mbps)
MPEG2 (<720*480,30frame/S ,8Mbps)
MPEG4 (<720*480; 30 frame/S; 4Mbps)
DIVX (3.114.x,5.x) (<720*480; 30frame/S; 4Mbps);
XVID (<720*480; 30frame/S; 4Mbps);
WMV9 (<640*480; 30frame/S; 2Mbps);
AVI (<720*480; 30frame/S; 4Mbps);
ASF (<720*480; 30frame/S; 4Mbps);
DAT (<720*480; 30frame/S; 4Mbps)
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About HD commpatible
HD compatible, means that the projector can be input HD sources, whose resolution can be as high as 1920*1080(say, FULL HD).
In order to get a get a better image, many devices are updated to put out higher resolution. And in order to work with high resolution sources, some time some displayers such as TV and projector have to be upscaled.
To keep in mind that many sources, such as DVD, is not recorded in a high definition way. So if these programmes are put out with a high definition format, while the displayer is also upscaled to meet the needs of being high definited, the image itself can not be really upgraded indeed.
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About the SD card reader, USB slot and PMP function
The projector has a built in a standard SD card reader, which can read 512M, 1G, 2G standard SD card.
All the files on USB disk should be copied to the SD card, then it can be read.
The following files can be correctly recognized: PMP, JEPG (supposed to be less than 2400*1900 resolution) , WMV9, AVI, MEPG4, ASF,DAT

This function, makes the projector a super DIGITAL FRAME!
It can stun your visitors!
Imagine to project all the photoes of your journey, your pets, your beloved people,right there on the screen!
Becuase of the popularity of the SD card and USB, it make it more easier to share the digital files.
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About the TV tuner

The model you choose may have a built in TV tuner, as not all models have such a useful ande interesting function.
People have dreamed of such a function for years, as almost all the projectors are not designed for home TV use,even some can project TV progurammes with a topset. Now, LuxCine projector makes a great change: It has a built-in digital TV tuner! With this useful function, people can enjoy the FreeView in UK and thousands of programmes in other regions of the world.
ATSC TV tuner is also available on those American version products.

For those regions where there is no digital TV, traditional TV tuner products are also available on request.

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About digital zoom function
Digital zoom function can digitally shrink the image from 100% normal size to be 80%;
Digital zoom is a quite useful function when the image is a little bit bigger than the screen.
Note: The digital zoom function will cause the lower resolution due to shrinkage.
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About the Break function
Wait, the coffee cup logo does not mean the heat of the projector can cook a cup of coffee.
Among all the versitile functions ESP has, the break function is unique and fun. When watching DVD films in a well curtained room, you may just press the Break button. Then all the movies, sound will be stopped, and the projector will dramatically project a bright white "Picture". With the reflection from the screen, you can go to the toilet, take a note, or @#^&... The environment is bright enough now.
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About the DVD unit standard and DVD unit option
Among all the Luxcine models, ESP313 and ESP314 have built in standard DVD unit.
ESP213 and ESP214 have an DVD unit option, that means these two models can choose DVD unit to be installed later. These two models are equiped with standard DVD unit input socket. Some kinds of Luxcine DVD units can be installed easily. These models can also be installed with upgraded Blu-ray DVD unit when Blu-ray DVD unit's price goes down.
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Abouth the warranty on LED lamp

The standard warranty for LED lamp is two(2) years.

When it come to projector lamp warranties, most manufacturers fall short-----offering you just only 2,000 hours or 3 months warranty.As one of leading LED projector manufacturer. We believe users should enjoy stress-free watching for a lot longer. that is why we introduce the Luxcine manufacturer's Warranty.
At 2 years /20,000 hours, it's maybe the most extensive warranty in the world to come standard over an entire range of projectors.

Note: Extended warranty of 20,000 hours/3 years can be purchased from the dealers or the manufacturer.

Note: 20,000 hours/3 years extended warranty can be ordered.

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